NYSE:Rogers Corporation

График котировок Rogers Corporation

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Основные параметры

P/E 569.65
P/S 4.2
P/BV 3.34
Цена ао 169.14

Содержится в ETF

ETF Доля, % Доходность за год, %
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF 1.35 11.33
iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETF 1.28 9.56
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF 1.55 9.04
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF 1.12 13.37
iShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETF 0.8 13.02
Schwab International Equity ETF 1.26 11.13
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE ETF 1.53 0.39
iShares MSCI EAFE Growth ETF 3.18 16.66
SPDR Portfolio World ex-US ETF 1.11 11.78
iShares Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF 1.18 9.62
iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF 2.11 7.20
iShares MSCI ACWI ex U.S. ETF 0.95 12.57
Xtrackers MSCI EAFE Currency-Hedged Equity Fund 1.49 2.74
JPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF 2.45 6.84
Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund 3.75 13.97
iShares Global 100 ETF 1.55 16.12
iShares Edge MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF 4.18 12.84
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta International Equity ETF 1.33 10.10
Hartford Multifactor Developed Markets (ex-US) ETF 0.69 1.38
iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF 13.9 11.27
iShares Europe ETF 2.56 7.06
Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF 1.1 17.52
SPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETF 1.02 15.46
iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Intl ETF 2.98 5.45
WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth Fund 3.9 12.43
WisdomTree DEFA 1.9 1.17
FlexShares Morningstar Developed Markets ex-US Market Factor Tilt Index ETF 0.72 8.22
FlexShares International Quality Dividend Index Fund 1.88 7.66
SPDR MSCI EAFE StrategicFactors ETF 2.39 8.28
Avantis International Equity ETF 0.92 11.23
John Hancock Multifactor Developed International ETF 0.98 9.12
Xtrackers MSCI Europe Hedged Equity Fund 2.39 0.90
Invesco S&P SmallCap Information Technology ETF 2.3 37.09
WisdomTree International LargeCap Dividend 2.58
Goldman Sachs MarketBeta International Equity ETF 1.54
WisdomTree Global ex-U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Fund 3.49 20.94
IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE International ETF 1.41 9.30
Franklin FTSE Europe ETF 2.4 8.05
DeltaShares S&P International Managed Risk ETF 1.48
SPDR MSCI EAFE Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF 1.67 11.95
WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth Fund 3.92 19.81
First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Developed International ETF 2.5 11.52
WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International Equity Fund 1.93
Xtrackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity Fund 0.92 10.18
Invesco S&P International Developed Quality ETF 5 16.46
Nuveen ESG International Developed Markets Equity ETF 1.49 13.07
FlexShares Developed Markets ex-US Quality Low Volatility Index Fund 4.61 3.44
PIMCO RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor International Equity ETF 1.04 10.09
FlexShares International Quality Dividend Defensive Index Fund 1.75 6.52
Goldman Sachs Human Evolution ETF 1.2 33.25
Principal International Multi-Factor Core Index ETF 1.75 12.11
SPDR MSCI World StrategicFactors ETF 1.29 10.13
WisdomTree Europe Dividend Growth Fund 4.44 12.87
BNY Mellon International Equity ETF 1.51
WisdomTree International Multifactor Fund 0.98 0.41
Pacific Global International Equity Income ETF 2.34
Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF 15 12.73
O'Shares FTSE Europe Quality Dividend ETF 4.68 0.77
WisdomTree International ESG Fund 1.91 11.49
Fidelity International Value Factor ETF 1.74 3.05
First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Europe ETF 3.44 9.19
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity ETF 2.45 9.00
Xtrackers MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Equity ETF 3.07 13.20
Natixis Seeyond International Minimum Volatility ETF 2.52
Fidelity Targeted International Factor ETF 1.13 4.94
Franklin LibertyQ International Equity Hedged ETF 1.92 2.33
Franklin FTSE Europe Hedged ETF 2.4 2.50
Xtrackers MSCI ACWI ex USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF 1.8 19.14
Invesco S&P International Developed Momentum ETF 4.24 23.16
Invesco PureBetaSM FTSE Developed ex-North America ETF 1.36 13.39
Virtus WMC International Dividend ETF 1.69 5.18
Hartford Multifactor Diversified International ETF 0.91 3.49
Impact Shares Sustainable Development Goals Global Equity ETF 3.69 15.97
Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series C 4.23
Credit Suisse FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN 2.42
Vanguard Total International Stock ETF 0.99 13.30
Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF 2.55 7.29
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Global ETF 1.55 0.94
iShares ESG MSCI EAFE ETF 1.59 9.71
JPMorgan BetaBuilders International Equity ETF 1.49 9.31
IQ Candriam ESG International Equity ETF 2.07 13.10
Legg Mason International Low Volatility High Dividend ETF 2.48
FlexShares STOXX Global ESG Impact Index Fund 0.77 18.98
Franklin LibertyQ Global Dividend ETF 2 7.03
TrimTabs All Cap International Free-Cash-Flow ETF 1.5 20.57
ProShares MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF 2.3 4.87

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Описание Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells engineered materials and components worldwide. It operates in Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS), Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS), Power Electronics Solutions (PES), and Other segments. The ACS segment offers circuit materials and solutions for connectivity applications in wireless infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and defense, connected devices, and wired infrastructure under the RO4000, RO3000, RT\u002Fduroid, TMM, AD Series, CuClad, Kappa, DiClad, IsoClad, COOLSPAN, MAGTREX, TC Series, IM Series, 92ML, and CLTE Series names. The EMS segment provides engineered material solutions, including polyurethane and silicone materials used in cushioning, gasketing, sealing, and vibration management applications for general industrial, portable electronics, automotive, mass transit, aerospace and defense, footwear and impact mitigation, and printing markets; customized silicones used in flex heater and semiconductor thermal applications; and polytetrafluoroethylene and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene materials used in wire and cable, electrical insulation, and automotive applications under the PORON, BISCO, DeWAL, ARLON, Griswold, eSORBA, XRD, HeatSORB, and R\u002Fbak names. The PES segment offers ceramic substrate materials, busbars, and cooling solutions under the curamik and ROLINX names. The Other segment provides elastomer components; and elastomer floats for level sensing in fuel tanks, motors, and storage tanks for applications in the general industrial and automotive markets under the NITROPHYL and ENDUR names. Rogers Corporation was founded in 1832 and is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.