NYSE - Top Glove Corporation Bhd.

График котировок Top Glove Corporation Bhd.

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Основные параметры

P/E 6.2
P/S 0.69
P/BV 1.23
Цена ао 5.01
Дивиденд ао 0.51
Див.доход ао 10.37

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Название Значение Оценка
P/S 0.69 9
P/BV 1.23 8
P/E 6.2 9
EV/EBITDA 0.66 10


Название Значение Оценка
ROA, % 55.37 10
ROE, % 112.51 1


Название Значение Оценка
Div yield, % 10.37 9
DSI 0.75 8


Название Значение Оценка
Долг/EBITDA 10

Импульс роста

Название Значение Оценка
Рост прибыли, % 0 0
Рост цены акции, % 0 0
Рост дивидендов, % 0 0


Дивиденды, % Дивиденды По итогам периода Дата закрытия реестра Купить до Выплата до
4.62 0.22 IV кв. 2020 22.03.2021 19.03.2021 06.04.2021

Основные владельцы

Институционалы Объем Доля, %
Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad 7010000 0.35
Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC 377498 0.02
CWM Advisors, LLC 120450 0.01
World Asset Management, L.L.C. 105489 0.01
Kenanga Investors Berhad 66000 0
Dunham & Associates Invmt Counsel, Inc. 8100 0
Berkeley Capital Management LLC 0 0
Eastspring Investments Berhad 0 0
TA Investment Mgt Berhad 0 0
Manulife Asset Mangt Services Berhad 0 0
GAR Investment Managers S.à.R.L. 0 0
Gar Investment Advisors EAFI 0 0

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Описание Top Glove Corporation Bhd.

Top Glove Corporation Bhd., an investment holding company, researches, develops, manufactures, and trades in gloves and rubber goods in Malaysia. The company offers medical examination, surgical, vinyl, and nitrile gloves; concentrate latex, formers, chemicals and chemical compounds, rubber dental dams, exercise bands, condoms, and rubber related products; packaging materials, boxes, and cartons; and disposable and medical face masks, engineering parts and rubber glove machinery, functional fillers, healthcare products, and homecare and personal care products. It also provides property investment, consultancy services, and electrical engineering works; clinical and specialist medical services; advisory and management services; management services in plantation sector, and processing of plantation produce; general trading; and industrial forest plantation, as well as forestry and industry services. In addition, the company trades in gloves and healthcare related products; distributes medical gloves, medical devices, and other hospital related products; operates as a special purpose vehicle solely for issuance of Perpetual Sukuk; organizes in-house trainings and public trainings\u002Fprograms; and establishes and maintains fitness related business, including healthcare, slimming centers, gymnasiums, and other related activities. Further, it generates and supplies energy and electricity using biomass technology; and offers E-commerce activities for glove trading and other healthcare products. The company also exports its products to 195 countries worldwide. Top Glove Corporation Bhd. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia.