NYSE:TG Therapeutics, Inc.

График котировок TG Therapeutics, Inc.

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Основные параметры

P/S 42.195
P/BV 32.45
EV/EBITDA -24.64
EBITDA -0.22
Цена ао 46.54

Основные владельцы

Institutions Объем Доля, %
NexPoint Advisors, L.P. 111520 0.08
Lion Point Capital, LP 1327734 0.96
Eversept Partners, LLC 1023330 0.74
Logos Global Management LP 1750000 1.27
Great Point Partners LLC 1600000 1.16
Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC 5780556 4.4
RA Capital Management, LLC 8825849 6.4
Mangrove Partners 688224 0.52
Fidelity SelectCo, LLC 14900206 10.81
Invesco Capital Management LLC 788470 0.57
Allianz Global Investors U.S. LLC 50043 0.04
Copernicus Capital Management, LLC 95000 0.07
HiQ Invest B.V. 9000 0.01
Hartford Funds Management Company, LLC 964575 0.7
Maverick Capital Ltd 4392196 3.34
Opaleye Management Inc 390000 0.3
Northern Trust Investments Inc 2135118 1.55
Candriam Belgium 1039137 0.79
Ghost Tree Capital, LLC 200000 0.15
Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC 10400071 7.55
MML Investment Advisers, LLC 196394 0.14
Nicholas Investment Partners 32518 0.02
Nationwide Fund Advisors 163406 0.12
New York Life Investment Management LLC 132637 0.1
Nicholas Investment Partners LP 52071 0.04
Empowered Funds, LLC 60090 0.04
BlackRock Fund Advisors 6960549 5.05

Содержится в ETF

ETF Доля, % Доходность за год, %
Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF 3.82 81.68
IQ Chaikin U.S. Small Cap ETF 0.52 23.85
MomentumShares U.S. Quantitative Momentum ETF 2.17 75.84

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Описание TG Therapeutics, Inc.

TG Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of various treatments for B-cell malignancies and autoimmune diseases. The company develops a robust B-cell directed research and development platform for identification of key B-cell pathways of interest and rapid clinical testing. Its lead therapies include Umbralisib, an investigational dual inhibitor of PI3K delta and CK1 epsilon is being evaluated in phase 2b and phase 3 trials in patients with non-hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL); and Ublituximab, an investigational glycoengineered monoclonal antibody that targets a epitope on CD20-expressing B cells for patients with NHL, CLL, and relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. In addition, the company develops Cosibelimab, a human monoclonal antibody of IgG1 subtype that binds to programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) and blocks its interactions with PD-1 and B7.1 receptors; TG-1701 is an orally available and covalently-bound Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor that exhibits selectivity to BTK compared to ibrutinib in in vitro kinase screening; and TG-1801, a bispecific CD47 and CD19 antibody. It is also has various licensed preclinical programs for BET, interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase-4, and GITR. The company has strategic alliances with LFB Biotechnologies S.A.S; GTC Biotherapeutics; LFB\u002FGTC LLC; Ildong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; Rhizen Pharmaceuticals, S A; Checkpoint Therapeutics, Inc.; Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co.; Novimmune SA; Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated; and Jubilant Biosys. TG Therapeutics, Inc. is headquartered in New York, New York.