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График котировок Tenaris S.A.

О компании

Tenaris S.A., through its subsidiaries, produces and sells seamless and welded steel tubular products; and provides related services for the oil and gas industry, and other industrial applications. The company offers products for oil and gas drilling operations, such as casing and tubing products, premium connections, drill pipes, coiled tubing, hot-rolled and cold-drawn seamless tubes, perforating guns, tubular and non-tubular accessories, and devices.

It also provides offshore line pipe products, including top tensioned and steel catenary risers, export lines and flowlines, bends, corrosion resistant alloys, coiled line pipes, umbilical tubings, and coated pipes; and seamless and welded tubes for onshore line pipe; various seamless steel tubes and pipes for refineries, petrochemical, and gas-processing plants; and tubular products for the power generation industry. In addition, the company offers sucker rods, couplings, and accessories, as well as technical support services; hot-rolled and cold-drawn seamless steel tubes and components for use in standard mechanical engineering application, and civil and industrial installations, as well as for manufacturing earth-moving machines, architectural structures, non-oil drilling systems, and gas cylinders; and seamless tubes and tube-based components for car manufacturers and their suppliers. Additionally, it offers financial services. The company operates in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Tenaris S.A. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Tenaris S.A. is a subsidiary of Techint Holdings S.à r.l.

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Основные параметры

P/S 2.51
P/BV 1.2
EBITDA 0.6802
Цена ао 11.45
Дивиденд ао 0.21
Див.доход ао 1.83

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Название Значение Оценка
P/S 2.51 4
P/BV 1.2 8
P/E 0
EV/EBITDA 19.29 10


Название Значение Оценка
ROA, % 0.45 1
ROE, % -5.44 1


Название Значение Оценка
Div yield, % 1.83 1
DSI 0.75 8


Название Значение Оценка
Долг/EBITDA 10

Импульс роста

Название Значение Оценка
Рост прибыли, % 0 0
Рост цены акции, % 0 0
Рост дивидендов, % 0 0

Основные владельцы

Институционалы Объем Доля, %
BlackRock Fund Advisors 13044144 1.1
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 7730433 0.65
Massachusetts Financial Services Company 3722027 0.32
M&G Investment Management Ltd. 3676553 0.31
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited 3576717 0.3
M&G Investment Management Ltd. 3488218 0.3
Altrinsic Global Advisors LLC 2857101 0.24
American Century Investment Management, Inc 2753070 0.23
Nordea Investment Funds SA 2528830 0.21
Fideuram Investimenti SGR SPA 1958956 0.17
Quantex AG 1550000 0.13
Azvalor Asset Management SGIIC 1490949 0.13
Ninety One UK Limited 1435520 0.12
Mediolanum Asset Management Limited 1387536 0.12
First Trust Advisors L.P. 906659 0.08
Azimut Capital Management SGR S.p.A. 864580 0.07
Global X Management Company LLC 766552 0.06
State Street Global Advisors Ltd 722313 0.06
Azimut Investments S.A. 601207 0.05
Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. SGR 550000 0.05
Deka Investment GmbH 464832 0.04
AcomeA SGR SpA 230915 0.02
Assenagon Asset Management SA 193154 0.02
Banca Ifigest 160156 0.01
Banor Capital Ltd 160000 0.01
Acacia Inversión SGIIC 88918 0.01
Sydbank A/S 85984 0.01
Consultinvest Asset Management S.p.A.SGR 85500 0.01
Universal-Investment Luxembourg SA 5177 0
Agora Asesores Financieros EAFI 2000 0
GSD Gestion 2000 0

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