Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF

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Цена последней сделки 54.2
Код ценной бумаги SCHZ
Полное наименование Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
Объем 8625000000
Изм за день, % -0.0
Комиссия 0.04
Дата основания Jul 14. 2011
Сайт ссылка
Тип актива Bond
Индекс Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index
Регион North America
Средний P/E 0.10
Дивиденды 2.39
5 летняя доходность 16.27
3 летняя доходность 15.47
Годовая доходность 0.21
Бета 0.04
Валюта usd
Топ 10 эмитентов, % 4.29
Количество компаний 8568
Изменение цены за день: 0.22% (54.08)

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Описание Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF

This ETF offers exposure to a broad-based bond index designed to measure the performance of the U.S. investment grade debt market. SCHZ's portfolio includes Treasuries, mortgage-backed securities, corporate debt, and securities issued by agencies of the U.S. government. As such, SCHZ makes sense as a core holding in a long-term, buy-and-hold portfolio; this ETF offers exposure to thousands of fixed income securities, and can be a core component that delivers stable current return to investors. It should be noted, however, that SCHZ doesn't cover all corners of the U.S. debt market; segments that are excluded from this ETF include junk bonds and floating rate debt. Moreover, SCHZ doesn't include any international debt; investors looking to extend their bond portfolio beyond the U.S. might want to consider products in the International Government Bond or Emerging Market Bonds ETFdb Categories. SCHZ is a good start to a well-rounded fixed income portfolio, but some complementary positions are necessary for investors interested in achieving truly global exposure.

There are plenty of alternatives to SCHZ; the ultra popular AGG and BND are linked to the same index. The biggest appeal of this ETF is the low fees; SCHZ is one of the cheapest ETFs available anywhere, and the eligibility for commission free trading in Schwab accounts may further increase the appeal of this fund to cost conscious investors.