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About Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) is a cryptocurrency that powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate with each other. The team aims to "create an Internet of Blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way." Cosmos is a proof-of-stake chain. ATOM holders can stake their tokens in order to maintain the network and receive more ATOM as a reward.

Main settings

Именование cosmos
Валюта usd
Позиция 35
Капитализация 2781684006.6525674165345855
Цена 7.121
Объем (24h) 141707941.83024576
Поставка 390930671
Изменение % -4.184607
Ссылка link
Change price per day: -4.84% (7.4835)
Change price per week: -8.97% (7.823)
Change price per month: -14.44% (8.3225)
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