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Цена последней сделки 28.87
Код ценной бумаги CWI
Полное наименование SPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETF
Объем 1536000000
Изм за день, % -0.01
Комиссия 0.30
Дата основания Jan 10. 2007
Ссылка ссылка
Тип актива Equity
Индекс MSCI All Country World ex-U.S. Index
Регион Broad Asia
Средний P/E 19.5
Дивиденды 1.98
5 летняя доходность 67.54
3 летняя доходность 21.31
Годовая доходность 26.49
Бета 0.86
Валюта usd
Топ 10 эмитентов, % 12.71
Количество компаний 1290

Топ эмитентов

Эмитент Доля, % P/BV P/S P/E EV/Ebitda
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 2.21 12.62 13.23 56.48 0.62
Alibaba Group Holding Limited 1.67 9.59 7.34 25.54 4.05
Nestle 1.27
ASML Holding N.V. 1 18.39 13.7 80.92
Rogers Corporation 0.93 3.44 4.38 70.43 18.22
Moelis & Company 0.72 6.59 3.35 17.68

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This ETF offers exposure to developed and emerging markets outside of the U.S., making CWI one option for investors seeking a cornerstone of broad-based international equity exposure. It should be noted that this ETF is tilted towards developed markets, and investors seeking to fine tune the balance between the two may wish to achieve the exposure offered by this fund through multiple ETFs. CWI offers exposure that is well balanced across countries, sectors, and individual securities, as concentration is not an issue with this fund. Investors may want to take a look at ACWI, which offers exposure to the exact same index, and investigate any differences in the manner in which holdings are constructed. CWI may utilize sampling strategies, resulting in more substantial tracking error.