iShares MSCI South Korea ETF

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Цена последней сделки 94.62
Код ценной бумаги EWY
Полное наименование iShares MSCI South Korea ETF
Объем 8017000000
Изм за день, % -0.01
Комиссия 0.59
Дата основания May 12. 2000
Ссылка ссылка
Тип актива Equity
Индекс MSCI Korea Index
Регион Developed Asia Pacific
Средний P/E 18.45
Дивиденды 0.66
5 летняя доходность 117.81
3 летняя доходность 28.08
Годовая доходность 48.77
Бета 1.0

Описание iShares MSCI South Korea ETF

This ETF offers exposure to South Korea, a dynamic economy that often receives a meaningful allocation in most long-term portfolios. EWY is the most liquid and most popular option for achieving exposure to the economy of South Korea, though there are other ETF options as well. Given this targeted focus, EWY is most appropriate for investors looking to fine tune international equity exposure or make a tactical and short term tilt towards this market. This ETF may also be useful as a small allocation within a longer-term portfolio among investors who believe South Korea maintains a bright long-term economic outlook. Some investors may prefer to achieve their South Korea exposure through more broad-based funds within the Global Equities ETFdb Category or Asia Pacific Equities ETFdb Category.

There are some noteworthy elements of the EWY portfolio. A few companies make up a big chunk of holdings, and the portfolio is dominated by large cap stocks. Moreover, certain sectors (such as technology) receive big weightings in the fund, while others are hardly represented at all. Investors looking for exposure to South Korea through small caps--which many believe offer better "pure play" access to the local economy--may prefer SKOR. The combination of those two will deliver well rounded exposure to this Asian powerhouse.