Franklin FTSE China ETF

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Цена последней сделки 32.06
Код ценной бумаги FLCH
Полное наименование Franklin FTSE China ETF
Объем 124340000000
Изм за день, % -0.03
Комиссия 0.19
Дата основания Nov 02. 2017
Сайт ссылка
Тип актива Equity
Индекс FTSE China Capped Index
Регион Emerging Asia Pacific
Средний P/E 18.64
Дивиденды 0.91
3 летняя доходность 31.50
Годовая доходность 42.65
Бета 0.75
Валюта usd
Топ 10 эмитентов, % 50.48
Количество компаний 903
Изменение цены за день: -0.37% (32.18)

Топ эмитентов

Эмитент Доля, % P/BV P/S P/E EV/Ebitda 2.37 0.65 1.08 16.21 61.46
Baidu 2.02 0.39 0.67 21.44 0.08
NIO Limited 1.6 2.13 24.31 -107.03
Pinduoduo Inc. 1.36 2.66 18.22 -117.2
NetEase, Inc. 1.31 0.86 0.98 38.08 0.42

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Описание Franklin FTSE China ETF

The Franklin FTSE China ETF (FLCH) tracks an index of large and mid-size companies in China. Though FLCH offers broad exposure at a reasonable price, it competes in a crowded category and hasn’t attracted the assets and liquidity of rivals like the iShares MSCI China ETF (MCHI), the dominant China-focused ETF. FLCH has broadly similar sector exposure to MCHI, with some variations. The fund is part of a series of single-country ETFs that Franklin Templeton began rolling out in 2017. The funds debuted with significantly lower management fees than rival iShares funds, which have long dominated the single-country ETF space. Many of the stocks in the fund’s portfolio are likely to be found in broadly diversified international equity funds, and investors should be careful not to take on an unintentional overweight. Single-country funds are typically not appropriate for investors seeking a diversified portfolio and are more appealing to short-term traders placing tactical bets on specific markets.