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График котировок Ares Management Corporation

О компании

Ares Management Corporation operates as an alternative asset manager in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company's Tradable Credit Group segment manages various types of investment funds, such as commingled and separately managed accounts for institutional investors, and publicly traded vehicles and sub-advised funds for retail investors in the tradable and non-investment grade corporate credit markets. Its Direct Lending Group segment provides financing solutions to small-to-medium sized companies.

The company's Private Equity Group segment focuses on majority or shared-control investments primarily in under-capitalized companies. Its Real Estate Group segment invests in new developments and the repositioning of assets, with a focus on control or majority-control investments; and originates and invests in a range of self-originated financing opportunities for middle-market owners and operators of commercial real estate. The firm was previously known as Ares Management, L.P. Ares Management Corporation was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with additional offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Ares Management GP LLC is the general partner of the company.

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Основные параметры

P/E 42.37
P/S 3.95
P/BV 10.18
EBITDA 0.5627
Цена ао 58.6
Дивиденд ао 1.88
Див.доход ао 3.2
Сайт http://www.aresmgmt.com
Изменение цены за день: 4.2% (56.24)

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Название Значение Оценка
P/S 3.95 2
P/BV 10.18 1
P/E 42.37 1
EV/EBITDA 39.3 2


Название Значение Оценка
ROA, % 2.15 1
ROE, % 28.18 8


Название Значение Оценка
Div yield, % 3.2 2
DSI 0.86 9


Название Значение Оценка
Долг/EBITDA 10

Импульс роста

Название Значение Оценка
Рост прибыли, % -930.49 0
Рост цены акции, % 51.97 10
Рост дивидендов, % 49.41 10

Содержится в ETF

ETF Доля, % Доходность за год, % Дивиденды, %
AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Alpha Equal Weight ETF 2.65 41.67 0.02
Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF 1.13 47.61 1.00

Руководство компании

Руководитель Должность Оплата Год рождения
Mr. Antony Peter Ressler Co-founder & Exec. Chairman 46.98M 1961 (60 лет)
Mr. Michael J. Arougheti Co-Founder, CEO, Pres & Director 7.3M 1972 (49 лет)
Mr. David B. Kaplan Director, Co-Founder, Partner & Co-Chairman of Private Equity Group 54.97M 1967 (54 года)
Mr. Bennett Rosenthal Co-Founder, Partner, Co-Chairman of Private Equity Group & Director 54.97M 1963 (58 лет)
Mr. Michael Robert McFerran Partner, COO & CFO 2.62M 1972 (49 лет)
Mr. Jarrod Phillips Partner of Fin., Accounting & Operations and Chief Accounting Officer N/A 1978 (43 года)
Mr. Sandesh Hegde Partner, Pres of AOISSC & CTO N/A
Mr. Carl G. Drake C.F.A., CFA Partner and Head of Public Investor Relations & Communications N/A
Ms. Naseem Sera Sagati Aghili J.D. Sec., Partner & Gen. Counsel of Legal Group N/A 1982 (39 лет)
Ms. Miriam Goldsmith Krieger J.D. Partner & Global Chief Compliance Officer N/A 1977 (44 года)

Информация о компании

Адрес: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, 12th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067 - октрыть в Google Maps, октрыть в Яндекс картах
Веб сайт: http://www.aresmgmt.com
Телефон: +310-201-4100