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Research Frontiers Incorporated develops and markets technology and devices to control the flow of light worldwide. It develops and licenses suspended particle device (SPD-Smart) light-control technology to companies that manufacture and market the SPD-Smart chemical emulsion, light-control film made from the chemical emulsion, the light-control panels made by laminating the film, and electronics to power end-products incorporating the film, as well as lamination services for and the end-products, such as windows, skylights, and sunroofs.

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The company's SPD-Smart light-control technology is used in various product applications, including windows, sunshades, skylights, and interior partitions for homes and buildings; automotive windows, sunroofs, sun-visors, sunshades, rear-view mirrors, instrument panels, and navigation systems; aircraft windows; museum display panels, and eyewear products; and flat panel displays for electronic products. It serves architectural, automotive, marine, and aerospace and appliance applications. The company was incorporated in 1965 and is headquartered in Woodbury, New York.

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Цена ао 1.36
Выручка 0.0016
EBITDA -0.0023
P/S 59.1
P/BV 13.1
EV/EBITDA -37.84
ISIN US7609111072
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Change price per month: +36.71% (1.58)
Change price per 3 month: +118.4% (0.989)
Change price per half year: +109.71% (1.03)
Change price per year: +26.32% (1.71)
Change price per year to date: +134.86% (0.9197)

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Title Value Grade
P/S 59.1 1
P/BV 13.1 1
P/E 0 0
EV/EBITDA -37.84 0


Title Value Grade
ROA, % -41.41 0
ROE, % -45.9 0


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Div yield, % 0 0
DSI 0 0


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Debt/EBITDA -0.1411 10

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Title Value Grade
Profit growth, % -59.44 0
Share price growth, % 0 0
Dividend growth, % 0 0

Main owners

Institutions Volume Share, %
Blackrock Inc. 616249 1.84
Vanguard Group Inc 422544 1.26
Geode Capital Management, LLC 235447 0.7
Shufro, Rose & Co., LLC 139000 0.41
State Street Corporation 105623 0.32
Morgan Stanley 99107 0.3
Renaissance Technologies, LLC 94400 0.28
Stonex Group Inc. 85115 0.25
Wade, G W Inc. 72615 0.22
Northern Trust Corporation 54004 0.16

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Company management

Head Job title Payment Year of birth
Mr. Joseph M. Harary CEO, President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Director 638.46k 1961 (63 years)

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Address: United States, Woodbury. NY -, 240 Crossways Park Drive - open in Google maps, open in Yandex maps