iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF

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Цена последней сделки 30.9
Код ценной бумаги IYZ
Полное наименование iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF
Объем 404320000000
Изм за день, % -0.01
Комиссия 0.42
Дата основания May 22. 2000
Ссылка ссылка
Тип актива Equity
Индекс Dow Jones U.S. Select Telecommunications Index
Регион North America
Средний P/E 17.09
Дивиденды 2.53
5 летняя доходность 30.15
3 летняя доходность 12.49
Годовая доходность 6.82
Бета 0.78

Топ эмитентов

Эмитент Доля, %
Verizon 21.64
AT&T 21.24
Arista Networks 5.05
T-Mobile US 4.69
Garmin Ltd 4.7
Motorola Solutions 4.65
Cisco 4.7
F5 Networks 3.83
Liberty Global plc 2.97
Juniper Networks 2.57
Ciena Corporation 2.66
Lumentum Holdings 2.66
Iridium Communications 1.65
Liberty Global plc 1.18

Описание iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF

This ETF offers exposure to the U.S. telecom market, making it one option available to investors implementing a sector rotation strategy or focusing on corners of the domestic stock market that generally offer attractive dividend yields. Like most other telecom ETFs, IYZ is concentrated in a relatively small number of mega cap companies, resulting in a top heavy structure (State Street's XTL is linked to an equal-weighted index, delivering more balanced exposure to the telecom sector). Another drawback of this ETF is expenses. IYZ is not competitive on price; both VOX and FCQ offer similar exposure with a much lower price tag. Those looking to achieve exposure to the global telecom market may consider IYZ, while those looking to steer clear of the U.S. altogether might like IST or AXTE.